Some Things To Know...

They are ready for action!

Knotty Burl kitchen accessories are 100% ready for your table and kitchen.  No chemicals or treatments -  Just woodburned natural bamboo and beechwood!  


They are easy to care for!

Hand wash with warm water and mild soap and towel dry.  Polish with a little mineral oil every few months to prevent cracking and drying.


They were made with love! 

Every cutting board and utensil is burned by hand in my studio in Worcester, MA.  Each piece is unique with my own original designs and illustrations.


They are not actually made of knotty burls!

The name Knotty Burl is inspired by my late grandpa who taught me to appreciate the fine craft of woodworking.  A burl is a deformity in a tree trunk or branch that has suffered particular stress.   The twisted, knotty woodgrain had to fight for its life, but the results are beautiful.  I think we could all learn a little something from burls!  

grandpa's handsome drafting table has become my studio desk

sunshine in my studio

@artcarf handmade brand

the best food is made with simple, strong tools

the best food is made with simple, strong tools